Best Sex Advices From Pornstar

With time, our sexuality can become very dull and feel like a more routine job than enjoying it. You or your partner may feel bored with the same routine, the same positions, at the same time every night, they can be as long as an hour, and you may end up losing the emotion and spark that once had a relationship.

If the fire leaves your relationship, it’s never too late to get it back. If you do not do many previous games and you get directly into the intercourse, maybe try to focus more on putting your mind first.

Caresses can last as long or short as you want, and some people enjoy the games themselves as an alternative to sex, but often, kisses lead to sex. You can create the right atmosphere, and by the time sex happens, you’ll be excited. That will make a boring sex life more exciting.

Do not just have sex in the bedroom

Try to have sex in another room of the house; just changing the environment can make it more spontaneous and more exciting.


Especially if you do not live with your partner and you try to steal special moments between them, there is a possibility that other people are at home, making sex more exciting.

Try different positions

If there is a position you always wanted to try, discuss it with your partner to see if they will face it. Mix them a little, do not limit yourself to the same position just because they work, and remember that sex means being fun. You can miss an entirely new experience. Some styles include.

• Reverse Spoon

It is where you stand side by side, with your back facing your stomach. Only in this position do find themselves facing each other. Not only is it very romantic but it helps to prolong the need for ejaculation very soon.

• Doggy style

Not only is it attractive to many men, but it can also help you control your ejaculation response. It is merely when a woman gets four, and you are behind her, but the beauty of using this sexual situation is that it puts you in control and allows you to be genuinely within her.

Try to be more romantic

Change scenes like good background music, candles, dim light, romantic dinner and dessert for two. Remember again when I met your partner and tried to attract her?

young couple in bed

Go back to that moment and remember what it was like in the first days, when you could not get together enough to make your new and new emotional life instantaneous.

Changes in your usual routine

Just making small changes in your usual routine, even having sex more often than usual or even less than average, will make you more appreciated when it happens! If you are not safe making changes in the bedroom, a male enhancement accessory can help you convince your partner.


Sex is a game and qualifies for a beautiful finish, but it is also an excuse for sex to last longer. If you need a break, it’s okay to refrain from having boring sex and focus on the above tips for a while.