How to Use a Penis Sleeve?

Did you know that a man with an active penis is ever a happy man? In his world, lots of men are worried about their penis size. The majority thinks that their manhood is smaller that they cannot sexually satisfy their partners. In the real sense, most men have the average comfortable penis size. The slight percentage of men who are not well gifted with a good size penis, a small penis makes them doubt their bedroom skills.

It’s through practicing good penis care and getting proper information that such a man can improve his sexual experiences.

When a man feels he got a small penis or the need to provide more satisfaction to his partner, perhaps it is the right time to consider an alternative. Mostly to attain this, it normally good to buy penis extensions gadget like a penis sleeve. It is either made of rubber, plastic or silicone and fits tightly over the man penis. It serves to increase the penis length and girth. This article will help you know how to use a sleeve and uproar your sex spirit.

· Use of Warm Water

Before using his method, ensure the penis is erect. Fill the sleeve with warm water. After filling it with water, take it out of the water and squeeze out air on the top part.

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Fit it directly right on your erect penis and let it go down covering the whole penis. To keep it in place, pull the strap around your balls using all your figures. Doing this ensures it gets support.

· Use of Lube

This is the easiest method of all. Again in this method, the penis must be erect. On the head of the penis, put about three drops of the lube and using your figure, spread it out gently. Take the sleeve put about three drops of the lube and spread it around the walls. When it is spread well, squeeze the air from inside and fit it rightly on the erect penis. Lube acts as a lubricant which helps reduce much friction.

Use your figures to cover the strap around your balls such that the sleeve is well held in position. Put more lubes on the outside of the sleeve to avoid pain on your partner during thrashing caused by friction. Also keep the lube bottle in warm water since cold lube is not good.

When using a sleeve, you are advised not to use a condom. It is because it serves the purpose though it is not a contraceptive by its own. Only water-based lube is used because it does not cause damage on the sleeve.


If your penis is above average in length and you want to use the sleeve, ensues you go slowly since your sleeve has a very thick wall. It is vital before penetration, to loosen the vagina of your partner either using your two or three figures or use a dildo to avoid any pain.

Men with a small penis or sexual dysfunctions have no cause to worry anymore. It is because they now have an alternative way to boost their sex skill and satisfy their partners.