Sex You Dream About – What Does It Really Mean?

Everyone wants to be this man who all women love. You know the person you see in the bar that is never left alone. Well, there’s a reason why you should not have anything to do with it. He knows how to take a woman to a level of passion and total ecstasy.

The question is, how can you be this man get the sex you have been dreaming about? How can you learn to make women yell at you again and again? Here are some quick and easy things you can do to bring a woman to orgasm at all times.

It may not take time to make a woman ready for the sex of her dreams unless you know a few things about a woman and are prepared to take care of her straps before she gets close to the bed. No woman likes to run to sex, and this can only happen if you know that you love her a lot and that’s why you need her desperate body.


Do not make a woman feel like she is required only for physical pleasure and nothing else; this can stop her and can even be hard on your relationship.

Make it comfortable; if the woman is working in the office, you can select some things that should be done immediately after returning from the office. If you do these things or help them finish them quickly, it will be appreciated.

You cannot set it up to enjoy sex if you have some outstanding jobs to do at home. The best thing you can do is to organize your bedroom and your living room; it is not necessary to look sexy, romantic but comfortable, eliminate the chaotic aspect of these rooms and make them look comfortable.


Before preparing a woman for sex, prepare for it, bathe, shave and use your favorite perfume or colognes. Wear climate and weather dresses, and if you know some unique recipes, make them more than simple. You can plan a romantic dinner by candlelight, take a tour or plan something you like.

Be persistent, ask for your day and always listen to it. If you do not look well when trying to talk to you, they can stop you. If you discover that your mood is changing due to the topic you are discussing, change the subject immediately.

If you have a bad day at home or in the office, go to your favorite items, with whom you like to talk, movies, books, talks and famous people, always choose lighter topics to talk about and take this time to prepare for the sex by holding her hand, hugging her or laughing.

Never forget to notice, you can always say beautiful words about your hair, perfume, dress, and makeup. Women use these things for you, and if you observe and appreciate them, they always satisfy them and make them feel comfortable and unique. Tell her how much she loves her and what she loves most about her.

The more you praise her appearance and sexual attractiveness, the more she will try to please you in bed. When a man accepts that he is crazy about chasing a woman, it is easy to prepare for the sex you have been dreaming about. The best sex is not about penetration but a matter of preparation.